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Forgive Your Body

Forgiveness remains the first step to healing, even when it comes to the body. Sure, keep your eyes on the lofty goal of perfect health. But remember, the pathway to heaven is filled with mercy and compassion. Forgive your body for its shortcomings. It is bound by the earthly imperfections of nature. The best news is that your body will forgive you back, even if you make a mistake in your diet.

Like Ayurveda, the ancient Hebrews believed the body was the manifestation of the soul. They believed that disease was a part of your story. Every disease had a story to tell, with you playing the leading role. Your curiosity and willingness to explore revealed these personal mysteries of your illnesses.

Modern medicine is almost militaristic in its battle against disease. Disease isn't just a problem to conquer, it can also be a wake up call if you let it, an opportunity to re-examine your beliefs and behaviors. Ayurveda suggests that when your frustration degenerates into an emotional battle with disease and imperfection, it amounts to a self-rejection.

Yes, you can cure some diseases by fighting them. But the ancient Hebrews believed that curing diseases wasn't enough. A healing was just as necessary. Healing means that you have understood the essence and nature of your disease in its entirety. Healing includes insight, personal growth, and transformation so that you don't repeat the same behaviors that cause you to suffer. Aiming to heal, rather than seeking a cure, is an essential practice of preventative medicine.

About the Author

John Immel, the founder of Joyful Belly, teaches people how to have a healthy diet and lifestyle with Ayurveda. His approach to Ayurveda exudes a certain ease, which many find enjoyable and insightful. His online course Balance Your Ayurvedic Diet in a Week provides tools for gracefully healing with Ayurveda to thousands. John also directs Joyful Belly's School of Ayurveda , which specializes in digestive tract pathology & Ayurvedic nutrition. John and his wife Natalie recently published Explore Your Hunger: A Guide to Hunger, Appetite & Food.

John's interest in Ayurveda and digestive tract pathology was inspired by a complex digestive disorder acquired from years of international travel, including his public service work in South Asia. John's commitment to the detailed study of digestive disorders reflects his zeal to get down to the roots of the problem. His hope and belief in the capacity of each & every client to improve their quality of life is nothing short of a personal passion. John's creativity in the kitchen and delight in cooking for others comes from his family oriented upbringing. In addition to his certification in Ayurveda, John holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Harvard University.

John enjoys sharing Ayurveda within the context of his Catholic roots, and finds Ayurveda gives him an opportunity to participate in the healing mission of the Church. Jesus expressed God's love by feeding and healing the sick. That kindness is the fundamental ministry of Ayurveda as well.

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- Kathleen, ME, 03-04-14 (Reply)
I really needed to hear this today. Thank you!
- Whitney, Cody, WY, 03-04-14 (Reply)
Made me see my responsibility for my health in an entirely different way
- Dinah, Boerne, TX, 03-04-14 (Reply)
I have finally realized it is not about losing that last ten lbs., it is about taking care of my body, treating it with care, and learning to love myself. This post is wonderful. Thank you!
- DJ, FL, 03-04-14 (Reply)
This helps :-)
- Anne-Marie, 03-04-14 (Reply)
- Anna S., Omaha, NE, 03-04-14 (Reply)
Thank you!
- Maryann, MA, 03-04-14 (Reply)
True, true, true! Thank you!
- Wendy Marr, BC, 03-04-14 (Reply)
This was the advice missing from my recovery.I am going to give this a go.
- pari Aghaty, London, 03-04-14 (Reply)
The phrase "deep self regard" keeps surfacing in my thoughts. I've still a ways to go before I remember and act from this aspect automatically, so reminders such as yours help a lot. Thank you.
- Peggy Acott, Portland, OR, 03-04-14 (Reply)
Thank you for your connection with the divine in all things. We are not separate from all things and our body is our precious vehicle, an amazing gift that we have been given to take us through this part of our journey. Treating it with love, honouring and caring for it are the ways we create Perfect Health for ourselves, for whatever we experience while we are honouring ourselves, is perfect! Robyn Lynch, Cowra Aust.
- robyn lynch, Cowra, 03-04-14 (Reply)
Thank you for this message! It's something that's so incredibly hard to do, especially when you still haven't figured out what's causing your particular situation!
- Mercy, FL, 03-04-14 (Reply)
Congruent! Forgiveness and healing! Well stated. Thanks.
- Robert Audet, Flagstaff, AZ, 03-04-14 (Reply)
Powerful, compassionate and full of wisdom! Thank you!
- Gail Stamler, Jackson, MI, 03-05-14 (Reply)
This is beautiful! Can't wait to share this advise.
- Beth keene, 03-09-14 (Reply)
This is perfect. Thanks for the reminder
- Carmen Lee, Sacramento, CA, 03-11-14 (Reply)
Thank you for this article. It is worded in such a way that it helps me understand things about my body better......and pointed my thinking into a good direction about how to understand what healing really is. Valeska 3-12-14
- V V, Oracle, AZ, 03-12-14 (Reply)

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