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Nature's Healing Qualities: The Gunas:Hot
Hot Ayurvedic Perspectives
Reported by John Immel, Asheville, NC
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Pitta aggravating

Elements: Fire
Balanced by 'Cold'.
ayurvedic notes

Hot climate

"Hot" is anything that causes an increase in temperature or causes sweating. The body radiates heat from the blood through sweat. When the weather is hot, the blood vessels on the surface of the skin dilate and the heart rate increases, making the skin red and flushed.

Summertime is the season of poor appetite. Red skin is engorged with blood, leaving less blood for digestive organs. Hot weather makes the body relaxed, comfortable, and grounded. Pathological heat causes dizziness and fainting. The body becomes lethargic like the "lazy dog days of summer."

Sweating and secretions help cleanse the skin, digestive tract, circulatory, and lymphatic system. Saunas, baths, steam baths, sweat lodges, and exercise are among the numerous ways people cleanse with heat.

Heating foods

Spicy food brings blood flow back to the GI tract. It stimulates the appetite, burns toxicity, and reduces tissues (burns ojas). Heating foods cause thirst, sweat, a burning sensation as in chilies, and even bleeding. For example, eating too many chilies makes the body sweat. Chilies are hot because they irritate the digestive tract lining.

Eat too much turmeric and you might get angry. Turmeric is heating because it dilates blood vessels. Vinegar is heating because it is acidic. Generally avoid heating foods in the summer.

Hot water

Hot water is one of the most powerful herbal medicines. As hot weather brings blood to the surface of the skin, hot water brings blood to the GI tract. Flush with the blood, hot water improves digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food. Hot water improves circulation. It is a powerful diaphoretic that opens the surface of the body, and is the primary therapy for fever in Ayurveda.

Hot water is also a decongestant, liquefying all Kapha.

Effect of heating foods on the nervous system

When there is too much heat, the mind becomes hot tempered, angry, irritable, or impatient. Heat increases courage and valor. Passion is hot. Heat generally projects the personality outward. Yogis spend time in cool mountaintop temperatures because it helps them turn inward.

Causes of excess heat

Any irritation or wound, fermentation in the small intestine, exercise, or too much clothing causes heat. Liver imbalance, infection, hot climates, hot foods, and Pitta imbalances cause heat conditions.

Signs of excess heat

The signs of heart and blood heat are red skin, red eyes, and a red tip of the tongue. The signs of liver heat are yellow eyes or a yellowish tinge to the hands and skin. Other signs of heat include rashes, acne, infection, fever, anger, irritability, and sweat. Heat relieves spasms, and causes suppuration of wounds, liver spots, premature graying of the hair, and loss of hair. If you have poison ivy and eat heating foods or take a hot shower, the poison ivy may get worse.

Treatment of hot

Bitter-tasting food and herbs such as neem clear blood and liver heat. Astringent food and herbs such as amalaki relieve inflammation in the gut. Sweet tasting foods and herbs like shatavari and licorice root cool Pitta and soothe Vata. Milk, cucumber, cilantro and watermelon are cooling. Washing the face or sprinkling the body with cool water is cooling.
herbs & products with Hot quality
Weight Away (9.6 oz.)
Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Weight Away is a cleansing formula with herbs traditionally used for weight loss and encouraging proper fat and sugar metabolism.

Vata Oil (16 oz)
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Experience the deep calm encouraged by Vata Massage Oil. Nourishing, grounding, calming herbs are infused into a sweetly warm blend of sesame and sunflower oil.

Ayurvedic Roast (11 oz)
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
A certified delicious organic coffee substitute naturally flavored with Vanilla. Ayurvedic Roast has the bitter, rich depth of coffee without the caffeine hit on your adrenals. Salud!

Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Calms the nerves while rebuilding strength and stability. Energy all day long and sound sleep are benefits of ashwagandha.

Chyavanprash Nutritive Jam (9.4oz)
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Ayurveda's most popular immune tonic. Tasty and safe for adults and children alike, chayawanprash prevents seasonal colds and flus.

Candida Cleanse Tea
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Contains anti-fungals, blood cleansers, and circulatory stimulants to assist in clearing candida from the body.

Control Cravings Food Freedom TeaVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingGarcinia Cambogia FruitVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Warm and Nourish - Vata Pacifying Spice BlendVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifyingTrikatuVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Sinus RinseVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingGymnema sylvestreVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Kapha Oil (16 oz)Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingDashamoola PowderVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Hingvastak ChurnaVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingVital Step - Thyroid TonicVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Ashwagandha TinctureVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifyingAshwagandha TabletsVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Abhayrishta- Colon TonicVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingShilajit TonicVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Strong LungsKapha pacifyingHoly Basil Leaf (Tulsi)Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Triphala Guggulu TabletsVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingHealthy Vata TabletsVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Castor OilVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifyingGuduchiVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Mahanarayan Oil (16 oz)Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingHealthy Kapha TabletsVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Holy Basil (Tulsi) TinctureVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingImmune SupportVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Triphala GugguluVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingBayberry TinctureVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Lose Weight with Ayurveda - Starter KitMahanarayan Oil (4 fl oz)Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Damiana TinctureVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifyingGrapefruit Lemongrass SoapVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Heat Conditions: My Practitioner Says I Have OneKapha Digest TabletsVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Lobelia TinctureVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingVata Digest TabletsVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Kapha Shiro Oil (128 oz)Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
aggravates these symptoms*
Presence of these symptoms may be a sign 'Hot' is aggravated in your body.
Autoimmune DisordersPitta aggravatingBloodshot EyesPitta aggravating
Blurry VisionPitta aggravatingBright red tonguePitta aggravating
Chronic InfectionVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingClear / absent tongue coatingPitta aggravating
Dilated PupilPitta aggravatingFast HeartbeatVata aggravating
Flushes EasilyPitta aggravatingGall Bladder InflammationPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Gall Bladder RemovedPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingGallstones / AttackPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Heat aggravatesPitta aggravatingHepatitis (Past/Current)Vata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Herpes - Mouth / FacialVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingHigh Blood PressurePitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Hot FlashesVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingHot in torso/chest areaKapha aggravating
InflammationPitta aggravatingInterstitial Cystitis
Liver SorePitta aggravatingLiver spots numerousVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)Pitta aggravatingNight sweatsVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Red dots on tongueVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingRed tip of tonguePitta aggravating
Sensitive to AlcoholVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingSensitivity to bright lightPitta aggravating
Sour sweatPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingStaph infectionPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Stinging EyesPitta aggravatingStrong body odorPitta aggravating
Sweat oftenPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingSweaty palmsPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Thalassemia MinorVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingYellow tongue coatingPitta aggravating
Yellowish skinPitta aggravatingFibromyalgiaVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Hair lossPitta aggravatingOsteoporosis / OsteopeniaVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Rheumatoid ArthritisPitta aggravatingSwollen joints
TendinitisPitta aggravatingWeak musclesVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
AlcoholPitta aggravatingChocolateVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
CoffeeVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingPeanutsVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
PizzaPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingSpicy foodPitta aggravating
Tobacco Cigarette Smoker (Current)Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingTomatoesVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Anal ItchingPitta aggravatingAppendicitisVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Bad breathVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingBurning abdominal painPitta aggravating
Celiac DiseasePitta aggravatingCitrus allergyPitta aggravating
Crohn's DiseaseVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingDry Mouth / TongueVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Duodenal UlcerVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingFood allergyPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Frequent cavitiesKapha aggravatingGastritisPitta aggravating
Gum inflammationPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingH pylori infectionVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
HemorrhoidsPitta aggravatingHyperacidityPitta aggravating
Leaky Gut SyndromeVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingReceding gumsPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Sharp abdominal painPitta aggravatingSmelly GasPitta aggravating
Sores inside mouthVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingSour Taste in MouthPitta aggravating
Stomach UlcerPitta aggravatingStrong abdominal pulsePitta aggravating
Strong food cravingsKapha aggravatingStrong hungerPitta aggravating
Strong/frequently thirstyPitta aggravatingTraveler's DiarrheaVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Ulcerative ColitisVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingVomiting BloodVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Yellow teethPitta aggravatingAvoids heatPitta aggravating
Bright red lips, face or palmsPitta aggravatingMedium wealth, spends on luxuriesPitta aggravating
Bladder infectionPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingBurning/painful urinationPitta aggravating
Cloudy urinePitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingDark Yellow UrineVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Urinary Tract InfectionPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingAnger, irritable, ambitious, analyticalPitta aggravating
At odds with church / religionPitta aggravatingAt odds with familyPitta aggravating
At odds with local communityPitta aggravatingAt odds with nationality / culture
Conflict makes me angry, irritablePitta aggravatingDizzy / Light-headedVata aggravating
Easily insulted / sensitivePitta aggravatingFaintingVata aggravating
Hyperactive, quickVata aggravatingI'm different from others / unique
Illegal Drugs (marijuana, cocaine, etc)Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingIntelligent, efficient, perfectionistPitta aggravating
Intense emotionsPitta aggravatingJudgmentalPitta aggravating
MigrainesVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingPreoccupied with sex / lustVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Self CriticalPitta aggravatingSharp languagePitta aggravating
Tobacco Cigarette Smoker (Past)Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingWorkaholicVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
3+ bowel movements a dayVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingBloody stoolsPitta aggravating
DiarrheaVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingDiarrhea quickly after eatingVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Explosive eliminationVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingFoul odorous stoolPitta aggravating
Green stoolPitta aggravatingPencil stool - thin & longPitta aggravating
Pus in stoolPitta aggravatingSoft StoolPitta aggravating
Stool entirely liquid, no solid piecesVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingStool formed, but porous & airyVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Straining to eliminateVata aggravatingTarry black stoolsVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Yellow stoolVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingAbortion (Past)Vata aggravatingKapha pacifying
Bright red menstrual bloodPitta aggravatingHeavy PeriodPitta aggravating
Food is romantic / passionatePitta aggravatingAcne - generalKapha aggravating
Acne - painfulPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingBruise easilyPitta aggravating
Cold soresVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingEasily hotPitta aggravating
EczemaVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingFlat rashPitta aggravating
HivesPitta aggravatingItchy skinPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Moles numerousVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingOily face / dry extremitiesPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Oily SkinKapha aggravatingOily t-zone onlyPitta aggravating
Painful rashPitta aggravatingPsoriasisVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Raised & bumpy rashPitta aggravatingRashesPitta aggravating
Red/flushed skinPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingRosaceaePitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Ruddy complexionVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingScaly / flaky skinVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Sensitive to Poison IvyPitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingSkin red after mild abrasionPitta aggravating
Skin sensitivity to chemicalsVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingThin hairVata aggravatingPitta aggravating
Warm & rosy skinPitta aggravatingHashimoto's ThyroiditisVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
HyperthyroidVata aggravatingPear shapePitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Self-loathingPitta aggravating

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