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Meet Your Practitioner: Natalie Immel

Natalie is co-author of 'Explore Your Hunger' and directs the 'Explore Your Hunger: Weight Loss and Body Image Workshop' on Joyful Belly. She is a trained 'Body-Positive' peer leader, and was recently interviewed by Kansas City's Fox 4 News for her successful recovery from anorexia.

Clinical Specialities

  • Emotional Eating
  • Weight Management
  • Eating Disorders

Meet Your Practitioner: Natalie Immel

Natalie Immel received her 600 hour certification in Ayurveda at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, and received her 500 hour certification through the Master Ayurvedic Nutrition and Digestion Program at Joyful Belly Ayurveda. She specializes in cleansing and detoxification therapies, and is well versed in western nutrition. She earned her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies at Vassar College where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors. Natalie used the principles of Ayurveda to heal from severe anorexia which at one time left her hospitalized. She now offers her insights to help other young women find freedom from eating disorders. Natalie is fluent in Swedish. She enjoys quilting, her prayer life, discovering new recipes and experimenting with health food.

More recently in 2015, Natalie published Explore Your Hunger.

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