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Cleanse Your Body in Nature - Ayurveda Camping Trip
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Cleanse Your Body in Nature - Ayurveda Camping Trip

Asheville, NC (Map)

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Cleanse Your Body in this Wilderness Ayurveda Retreat

Cleanse your body and discover Ayurveda on a 3 day beautiful walk through the Blue Ridge mountains. During this fun and interactive camping retreat, you'll discover your body and awaken your healing potential through experiences in the natural world. Each day, you'll meet wild herbs while we guide you through a three day detoxification and cleansing process. Meanwhile, you'll learn about your body through enjoyable mealtime presentations. Together we'll share our experiences of the day over an evening meal and camp fire.

Your body's inner workings are most alive & more perceptible in nature. It has been said that nature is Ayurveda's greatest teacher. By the end of the retreat, you will learn how your body relates to food and the environment, essential skills for self-healing. This 3 day immersion offers you unique encounters with your body and nature. Back at home, you'll use these newly acquired skills as a road map to heal and continually cleanse your body through food and lifestyle.

In August, peaches, elderberries, and other wild herbs are coming in season.

Included in the retreat

  • A 3 day detoxification and cleanse through herbs, diet & hiking
  • Interactive presentations on healing through Ayurveda
  • Hiking that's both a great workout for your body, yet gentle & achievable without strain.
  • Bonding with others, and building great memories.


This workshop will help you to:
  • Feel energized, cleansed, and vital
  • Rediscover beauty, joy and the simple life in nature
  • Nourish your body
  • Stay healthy & feel good for years to come
  • Restore mental clarity & reduce stress
  • Improve cardiovascular strength & muscular stamina simply by walking
  • Feel confident in nature and healing

Main Topics of Discovery

On the walk and Ayurvedic retreat in the blue ridge mountains, you will be introduced to a simple, profound and rich healing technique that is the foundation of Ayurveda, but rarely taught by practitioners. You will discover and demonstrate the benefits of this method to yourself, through a tactile approach. Discovery by doing is not only the most effective way to learn, but also the most fun and exciting. You will feel solid in these techniques by the end of the walk.
  • Learn essential tips and methods to heal yourself and your family
  • A discovery by doing approach to health that is tactile & practical.
  • Develop and sharpen your five senses, and use them for self-healing.
  • Resolve confusion and contradictions about which foods and herbs can help you.

Your Body & the Natural World

The healing method taught over the weekend is easiest to learn outdoors. Your senses are sharper in nature. The five elements are easier to experience. In nature, you are surrounded by life, which allows us to show you a new understanding of life. Herbs are stronger than foods, and can teach you about your body more quickly. Once you have been introduced to this skill with herbs, you can apply the same technique to food.

Join us for this incredible hike along one of the lushest, most plant diverse regions in the world. The beauty of these emerald mountains attract millions every year. You'll enjoy spectacular vistas as you make personal insights into your own body and health.

  • Learn 25 common, powerful herbs you can find locally no matter where you live
  • Meet hundreds more plants that are rare, beautiful, and exquisite.
  • How to see & identify hundreds of plants so you will feel grounded in nature.


Over the weekend you can expect to experience:
  • Challenging but hopeful new ways of understanding your body
  • AHA! moments of discovery
  • Teamwork, and a sense of being supported, valued and respected
  • Insight into patterns of pathological weight gain and your relationship to food
  • Practical, simple ways and foods to nourish your body
  • Supportive tips to implement throughout your life-long journey of health

About the Trail

We start just outside of Hot Springs at 9:15 am. The entire trip is approximately 10 miles. You will be walking about 3-4 miles each day and camping at night. Evenings will be spent building the fire, preparing the meal and sharing stories. Mornings will include class time and sampling herbs. Breakfast and dinner will be provided. Bring your own snacks and lunch. Difficulty level is moderate to easy. To make the trip light and easy, your tent and other overnight gear will be transported by car for you to each evening's campsite.

About John Immel

John Immel is the founder of leading Ayurvedic dieting website His insightful presentations on Ayurveda have captivated and changed the lives of thousands. John started his career with a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Harvard University. He first discovered Ayurveda while working on public health and service projects in South Asia & the Middle East.


This practical workshop offers discovery and learning opportunities for both novice and experienced students. The total cost for the trip and classes is $299. Attendance is limited to 20 people. Bring a friend for half price ($149.50).

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Note: Your tuition is
Please make certain you will be able to attend before you register. Click here to see our full Refund / Return Policy

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What People are Saying

"I loved the class..great information..thank you very much!"

Ayurvedic Healer - Montreal, QB

"Hi John! The lecture was fabulous! So interesting and informative!!! I really LOVED it! It was very useful info. I am running a weight loss workshop and was able to share so much with them from your teachings. I would love another call on detoxing the body.
Peace and light,

Medford, NJ

"Hi, John! I'm the studio manager of Heartland Yoga in Iowa City, Iowa. I listened to your teleseminar yesterday and found your teaching so clear and practical. I think many of our yoga students are ready to learn about how they can incorporate Ayurveda into their daily lives. Would you be interested in teaching a seminar at Heartland?"

Reiki - Iowa city, IA

"I love your classes, John! I find you very inspirational. You have a glowing passion and simple wisdom about you. I love that your business is called Joyful Belly. That goes back to that cosmic giggle thing. I feel like your smile and enthusiasm is like a joyful belly - the radiance makes others smile and laugh! Your ability to pinpoint reality and human nature is just amazing. True medicine, and I truly appreciate you sharing!"

Ayurvedic Healer - Asheville, NC

"John, I really enjoyed your cooking class and would be happy to attend more like it."

Asheville, NC

"Thank you, John, for another fabulous class!!! I'm learning so much right now and love how these changes are impacting my body, my experience. I very much appreciate all that you are sharing with us and look forward to learning more. The food was awesome and I feel great today!"

Asheville, NC

"thanks so much for the wonderful class last night! Learned a lot and it's good right now for me to hear some things again and again, it's sinking in. You have a very light and playful way of presenting and you're funny! Makes the material, especially in an evening class, very easy to digest (hey, nice pun, eh?)!"

Asheville, NC

"I wish to expand upon our conversation regarding you as a teacher.

You are a good instructor because you create an atmosphere where the student wishes to learn; this is the mark of a great teacher. Good teachers are born, not created. You add humor to your classes making it easier to remember some of the details. Your presentations are concise, to the point, and in a good order for better understanding. Going off the subject occasionally with a short story relieves the brain, a thing some instructors forget about.

You're a good person, John, and a good instructor; lord knows I've had enough of them along with professors. I expect details, explanations, and fullness of the subject matter and permission to speak up with questions. The idea of teaching is for people to understand to the point they no longer need you.

Be kind to yourself and
Know you are loved,

Nutritionist - Hot springs, NC

"John did a wonderful job in presenting completely new concepts to a varied group of students, answering questions patiently and clearly. I felt like a whole new world opened up for me, one in which my body can and will be healthy. It is attainable more easily than I initially believed. It brought back the knowledge of wholeness which can so easily slip further and further into the background with our busy lives and non-supportive patterns we find ourselves in. John's teachings about balance also reminded me that the responsibility to heal myself is in my own lap, no excuses!"

Asheville, NC

"John's passion for food, cooking, and assisting others is absolutely contagious and his kind, gentle way of teaching the principles of Ayurvedic cooking make it easy to fall in love with them. I personally was very inspired by the workshop and look forward to continuing this process of learning and getting well."

Asheville, NC

"Thank you so much for last night's class. The food was absolutely delicious and the wonderful chutney you made topped it off. Thank you for making and sharing that! Your teachings are so insightful and passionate, it is obvious that you walk your talk. I'd probably attend the same class again, it was a really, really good introduction overall."

Asheville, NC

"Yes! I throughly enjoyed the Ayurveda Workshop and look forward to more. The material was relevant and comprehensive to my goals. I found the material concrete and practical. I think you are skilled and informative regarding Ayurvedic teachings. I am thankful to have people like yourself commited to helping and teacing this fine medicine. I have already pasted the information to others to come to learn more. Thank you and we will meet again..."

Massage Therapist - Gloucester,

"Hey John! I just want to thank you again for the really awesome class yesterday. You really helped put things in a great perspective for me, and it's truly opened up a whole new level of healing and being for me. Thank you so much! You are very inspirational, motivating and grounding!"

Ayurvedic Healer - Asheville, NC

"You make ayurveda fun. It is easier to learn when fun. A big thank you. This is the sign of a good teacher. Thank you also for making me laugh."

Asheville, NC

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