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Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea

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Reported by John Immel, Asheville, NC
Ayurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet(4.73 out of 5 stars) 15 reviews
Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea Ayurveda Recipe
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingDigestive Effects Help
Experiences are Personal
Experiences vary according to the person and constitution. Individual results may vary.
Quenches-thirst, Diaphoretic, Soothes-throat, Stimulates-energy, Cardiac-stimulant
Type: Citrus
Meal: Drink
Occasion: Cleanse
Preparation: Tea, Raw
Style: Ayurvedic
Recommended for: Spring
Effect: Alkalizing, Rajasic, Prana
Contains: Nightshade

Servings: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Pharmacological Effects
About Pharmacological Effects
The list of actions below have not be approved by the FDA and should not be used to treat a medical condition.

ayurvedic perspective

Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea combines peppy cayenne and zesty lemon for a tea that delivers gusto and verve. One sip of piping hot Lemon & Spice Tea will brighten your cloudy morning mind and warm you up from head to toe. Sour lemon and apple cider vinegar awaken your senses. Brightly pungent cayenne pepper will warm you to your core. Add a little honey for sweetness that also scrapes fat and toxins, and this tea becomes a metabolic boost that makes you feel great.

This is a classic, vivacious Ayurvedic blend to boost fat digestion and metabolism. After drinking Lemon & Spice tea, a warm sensation deep in your belly will confirm these effects.

Strong Metabolism for Weight Loss

Enthusiasm and inspiration are the effects of stimulating vinegar and spicy cayenne. They add an intense metabolic spark that improves energy, restoring your "get-up-and-go" that youve been missing. Together with warm water, they strongly stimulate digestion and clear mucus accumulations from the stomach. This has the effect of improving circulation and revving up metabolism, effectively clearing heavy fats from the blood as well. Honey is the only approved sweetener for weight loss. The secret behind honey lies in pre-digestion by bees, making honey the only 'warming' sweetener that actually improves metabolism. It's diuretic nature reduces water weight as well.

Brighten Up Your Groggy Mornings

When celebrations with heavy foods and desserts leave you groggy and tired the next morning, Lemon & Spice adds a sparkle to the eye and an enthusiastic boost. A heavy, late night meal sits in your digestive tract throughout the night until the next morning, stagnant and undigested. When this happens you may wake up to find your stomach feels like a throbbing brick weighing you down, making you feel tired and groggy. This is actually not far from the truth. Lemon & Spice Tea re-awakens your stomach and directly counteracts food coma and groggy mornings.

Bile & Fat Reduction

Vinegar and lemon impart a strong sour taste, encouraging the free flow of bile from your liver and gall bladder to your gut. Bile is nature's fat digester. Its presence in your gut helps digest high-fat foods. When these foods linger in the stomach and small intestine you feel heavy and sluggish. Drinking Lemon & Spice tea restores energy and vitality by helping the body digest each meal with ease.

Your bodies production of oily bile pulls fat out of your bloodstream. Every time you stimulate bile production, you siphon fats and toxins from the blood. When you don't eat enough green vegetables, bile tends to build up and thicken in the liver and gall bladder, forming gallstones. Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea cleanses the liver and gall bladder by flushing backed-up bile, helping you avoid the discomfort of gallstones and lose weight.

How to Lose Weight in Ayurveda

About Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea

Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea combines peppy cayenne and zesty lemon with gusto and verve. When celebrations with heavy foods and desserts leave you groggy and tired the next morning, Lemon & Spice addes a sparkle to the eye and an enthusiastic boost.


2 pinchApple Cider VinegarVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
1 pinchCayenne PepperVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
1 tspHoneyVata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
1/4 wholeLemonVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
1 cWaterVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating


Squeeze lemon and add remaining ingredients into hot water and stir. You may use any type of vinegar although we prefer apple cider vinegar for taste. 10 drops of vinegar is perfect for this recipe. A 1/16 tsp of cayenne is equivalent to "a pinch".


Drink in the morning upon waking, a 1/2 hr before meals, or sip slowly after meals. You may enjoy this tea 1-2x a day or as directed by your practitioner.

Comments & Impressions of 'Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea'

Do you like 'lemon & spice weight loss tea'? Why or why not? What makes it unique? Is there something you'd like to know about 'lemon & spice weight loss tea'?

Ayurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet(4.73 out of 5 stars) 15 reviews

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Truth is. . .yes. Ayurveda recommends teas and broths instead of straight water. Water is cooling and feels heavy for many Kapha people.

I am Pitta / Vata, with imbalanced Vata,why is honey is not recommended? Thank you!
- Dena Kaigel, Atascadero, CA, 02-06-11 (Reply)
Honey heats up metabolism, which aggravates Pitta. It is also a drying diuretic, making it mildly unsuitable for Vata.
Does it matter if I use lemon or lime juice?
- Cristina, Madison, WIAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-02-13 (Reply)
I made this with rice vinegar and it was good. Very soothing after a too-heavy meal. - Diane Anderson, NH, 1-2-13
- Diane, Durham, NHAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-02-13 (Reply)
There is very little difference between lemon and lime juice in this recipe. On it's own, lemon is slightly more irritating to a sensitive digestive tract.
What does a slash across P mean? If I am a Pitta how do I adjust this recipe.
- Fiona Pereira, Mississauga, ON, 01-02-13 (Reply)
A slash means this recipe is contra-indicated for high Pitta - as with most recipes that increase metabolism. If Pitta and Kapha are aggravated, it is best to stick with bitter greens to boost fat metabolism. Great question.
We have been drinking this using only lemon, as well as in combination with ACV -- it certainly makes a difference!
- cindy, Springfield, ILAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-02-13 (Reply)
As a student to Ayurvedic medicine i know honey should not be heated since it becomes poison while heated.
- hila, Tel aviv, 01-03-13 (Reply)
Dear Hila, Honey may be heated, but Ayurveda recommends against cooking it. The maximum temperature is somewhat vague in the ancient texts. Curiously, Chinese medicine recommends cooking honey in a number of herb formulas. So this is a gray area. -John
Hi John, I have used this tea before, only maple syrup instead of honey. I thought Ayurvedic theory says honey goes sour or bad when it gets warm? And why not maple syrup? Thanks so much! Mary
- ganesha, Petaluma, CAAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-03-13 (Reply)
what replacement would you recommend for honey if you are Vata deranged?
- Susan Schmitt, MD, 01-03-13 (Reply)
Dear Susan, Trying to lose weight aggravates Vata and reduces Kapha. If your Vata is aggravated in the mind only, honey remains a great choice. Maple syrup aggravates Kapha and provokes weight gain.
I have been drinking a similar tea every day with fresh ginger root instead of vinegar. What is the benefit of the vinegar and should I replace the ginger with it or add it to my current recipe? Is it safe to drink this tea daily, especially in the fall and winter? Thanks!
- Monica, Estes park, CO, 01-04-13 (Reply)
Vinegar is a key ingredient of this recipe - unlike ginger, vinegar stimulates and cleanses the liver and gall bladder, releasing bile. Ginger stimulates metabolism and the heart, but does not directly address fat metabolism. Most people can drink this tea daily, but it does depend on constitution. Thanks for asking!
Could you recommend something for my dependency on strong coffee to substitute?
- Dhyani, BrightonAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-07-13 (Reply)
Can I also use pippali (piper longum) instead of cayenne pepper? Thanks for answering! Thea,The Netherlands
- Thea Derksen, LelystadAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-14-13 (Reply)
Yes, you can use piper longum. Try this substitute for coffee.
Can I use ginger and the apple cider vinegar?
- Kristina Aguirre, CAAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-21-13 (Reply)
Yes, you can use ginger and apple cider vinegar.
I made the lime-ginger salt mixture to put on my food. I put it in a baby food jar on the counter? How long does it last and what is the best way to store fresh ginger?
- m. kathleen miller, Asheville, NCAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 02-08-13 (Reply)
If your gallbladder is removed is it ok to flush bile? I know that sounds crazy but I do have severe pain where gallbladder was. A stabbing feeling but the doctors say there is nothing there...
- m. kathleen miller, Asheville, NCAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 02-08-13 (Reply)
Perhaps stones in the biliary ducts? Whether or not to flush bile after gall bladder removal depends on the person. Some people are bile deficient, others bile excess after gall bladder removal. Constipation is often a sign of insufficiency, soft stools may indicate excess.
May I substitute german rock sugar for honey?
- Sequieta Whitfield, CA, 03-09-13 (Reply)
Rock sugar is essentially refined sugar - it will increase weight gain instead of helping with weight loss. Thanks for asking. -John
Through doing tests I come out as Pitta ... my question is I love drinking warm water with lemon in it and havent noticed any problems with anything should I continue.I also have porridge oats with honey and almonds for breakfast which I have seen as not suitable for Pitta on some pages.Could I be a different type.Thanks for any help
- JanetteAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 06-12-13 (Reply)
So warming! Love it.
- AmandaAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-02-14 (Reply)
I am tri-dosha and have SUCH a hard time figuring out what to eat and drink... or not! I love all of the ideas in every newsletter, but have no idea how to approach any of it. It ALL seems beneficial to my combination type! Thanks so much.
- Elisha, Colorado springs, CO, 01-02-14 (Reply)
Is raw honey better to use than regular?
- Velma Bisiriyu, Dundalk, MD, 01-02-14 (Reply)
Raw honey is usually more pure and has a great taste.
- David McKaig, Swannanoa, NC, 01-08-14 (Reply)
Can I use cumin instead of the Cayenne? I also enjoy warm water with lemon, coriander and Cinnamon is this just as beneficial for flushing out your system as the above tea?
- Desiree, PA, 01-25-14 (Reply)
Sure.....substitute cumin with cayenne. Feel free to experiment and let us know if you develop something tasty!
- David McKaig, Swannanoa, NC, 01-28-14 (Reply)
I would like to say here that honey is great, actually an Anti infective, but when mixed with hot water it becomes an infective. This is why manufactured American honey is not fit to consume.
- BelfordAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 02-18-14 (Reply)
I personally have problems using raw honey....it drops my blood sugar so low that I only want to sleep all the time.... I read the comment about maple syrup..will give it a try.
- Stephanie, 07-19-14 (Reply)
This is an upgrade from my Morning lemon water! Delicious and makes sense to me.
- Sylvia DardhaAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 07-27-14 (Reply)
why is it honey that when heated honey is poisonous
- Bettyann lavanway, 01-06-15 (Reply)
Have used lemon/cayenne/maple syrup tea since the 1970's, known as the Master Cleanse. Add ginger sometimes, particularly is feeling cold coming on. Really like the addition of vinegar and have used vinegar and honey as a tonic. This puts it all together. Great! Thank you for this wonderful site. Carrie Tonini 2/29/15
- kumari, WAAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 01-29-15 (Reply)
Isn't it good for March in Ufa BASHKIRIA REPUBLIC Russia?
- arnelAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic DietAyurvedic Diet, 02-22-15 (Reply)
This looks great but it calls for 2 pinches of apple cider vinegar? How do you pinch that...lol! Can you give me the appropriate amount in teaspoons please! Thanks and I LOVE this site!
- Cathy, 05-06-15 (Reply)
Cathy - thank you! Two pinches is about a 1/8 a teaspoon. Hope that helps! :)
- Nathalie Hine, Asheville, NC, 05-06-15 (Reply)

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