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Dec 02
Ginger Glazed Salmon with Dijon Mustard
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Sweet and spicy glazed salmon is the creamy, restorative tonic you naturally crave this time of year. Salmon is a rich protein full of nourishing fats and oils that calms the mind and brings you back to earth. Fresh ginger and a bit of fiery mustard...

Dec 01
Potato Latkes
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Crispy and hot around the edges, sizzling Potato Latkes will be devoured as soon as they leave the frying pan. As this fun & hearty treat sizzles in the pan, it will warms your heart in the cold winter. Bright green scallions sprinkled on top add a light...

Nov 30
Saffron Milk Thousand Layer Crepe Cake
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Light as a feather, sweet, and aromatic, you'll never feel as pampered as the moment you take a bite of Saffron Milk Thousand Layer Crepe Cake. Easy to griddle (you might say it's a piece of cake!) and without an oven, thousand layer crepe cakes can be...

Nov 25
Saffron Rice with Rose Petals
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Aromatic saffron and delicate rose delights your nose long before your first bite luxurious Saffron Rice with Rose Petals. Tenderly prepared with exotic spices and rose petals, this dish is sure to soften any heart. Sweetly spiced raisins, rich almonds,...

Nov 21
Gold Milk
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Gold milk is the fabled "milk and honey" of the promised land. Fragrant spices awaken your appetite for this most nourishing concoction. Yogis believe milk is sacred because it is the only food freely given from a mother, with love and without violence...

Nov 19
Glazed Sweet & Spicy Pecans
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Pecans are high in tannins, which are astringent and hot. Roasting or soaking pecans helps neutralize tannins and mellow the bitterness of pecans, making them more suitable for Vata types with constipation, gas, or bloating. The sweetness and spices...

Nov 19
Acorn Squash with Ghee & Maple Syrup
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Affectionate Acorn Squash with Ghee & Maple Syrup comforts your heart with its abundant coziness, bringing the bounty of the autumn harvest to your home. As the sweetest of the squashes, this seasonal staple is sure to satisfy your appetite for fall...

Nov 17
Butternut Squash Soup with Fennel, Ginger & Garlic
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Butternut Squash Soup with Garlic, Fennel, and Ginger offers warmth & satisfaction for the season. After a summer of absorbing the sun's energy, farm-fresh Butternut Squash is ripe, sweet, and ready for autumn consumption. It is no wonder that the earth...

Nov 13
Butternut Squash Soup with Rosemary & Thyme
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Add enough black pepper and rosemary to give the butternut squash a warm feel - that will help drive the sweet nourishing ojas of the butternut to the whole body. Add turmeric for a great skin tonic helping dryness.

Nov 13
Coconut & Sweet Potato Soup with Nettles
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Calm Your Nerves As you look forward to the warmth and joy of celebrating with family, chances are you might also be feeling worn out from all fun & celebrations. When the holiday season has you feeling depleted and frayed, this soup is an excellent...

Nov 11
Cranberry Sauce with Orange & Ginger
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Tangy Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Ginger puckers your lips and enlivens your tastebuds. Sweet, tart, and lively, this sauce adds color and zing to your holiday table. Pungent ginger brings spicy excitement to traditional cranberry sauce. No Turkey...

Nov 10
Coconut & Butternut Squash Soup
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating

Nov 10
Sweet Potato & Spicy Pecan Crisp
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Country-Home Sweet Potato & Spicy Pecan Crisp is a satisfying way to spend an evening before the fire. Recline in your favorite easy chair as you enjoy soft, comforting sweet potatoes. This treat will fill your home with a nutty aroma of roasted oats &...

Nov 09
Mung Dal Kitchari (Vata Reducing)
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Ayurveda's signature healing dish is a simple yet dynamic bean and rice mixture called kitchari. Kitchari is a cleasning yet heart warming synergy of mung beans, basmati rice, and digestive spices. It is a complete protein, rich in fiber, cleansing to...

Nov 07
Pistachio Pancakes with Cardamom
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Pancakes with spelt flour and spices are much easier to digest and less sticky in the GI tract. Cardamom effectively destroys mucus in the stomach and breaks up the stickiness of wheat. Vata's with gas or weak digestion should be careful to sip warm...

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