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Recipes With Sattvic Effect
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Sweet Potato & Spicy Pecan CrispVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Almond Date Shake with CinnamonVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Honey Dew, Cucumber & Mint PopsiclesVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Roasted Coconut Sesame OatmealVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Cumin, Coriander & Fennel TeaVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Banana & Apple Smoothie with GingerVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Mung Dal, Coconut & Cilantro Kitchari (Pitta Re...Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Mung Dal Kitchari (Vata Reducing)Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Gold MilkVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Mung Dal Kitchari (Kapha Reducing)Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Kale Lemonade with Ginger & AppleVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Cinnamon Oatmeal with Almonds & MilkVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Sweet Potato with Kale & GingerVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Apple Lime Smoothie with Ginger & CardamomVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Apple Sauce with Ginger & GheeVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Banana Smoothie with Lime and CardamomVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Asparagus Saffron Risotto with LemonVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Banana with Ghee & CinnamonVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Cardamom, Ginger & Fennel TeaVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Almond Milk Chai / SmoothieVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Turmeric & Cumin Rescue TeaVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Kale & Carrot Soup with Ginger, Fennel & LimeVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Red Lentil DalVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Asparagus, Ginger & Black Pepper Cream of Rice ...Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Chickpea with Coconut PestoVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Carrot Ginger Soup with Parsnips & Collard GreensVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Lemon Rice with Cashews, Peas, Ghee & CuminVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Coconut RiceVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Collard Greens with Potato, Lemon & TurmericVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Almond Milk Chai with Mint & FennelVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Banana Ice Cream with AlmondsVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Oatmeal with Cloves, Cardamom & Maple SyrupVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Cereal with Ginger & LimeVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Ginger, Lemon & Honey TeaVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Almond Milk with Saffron & CardamomVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Watermelon & Basil SmoothieVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Cream of Rice Soup with Cilantro, Ginger, Garli...Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Ginger DalVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Apple Chutney with Indian SpicesVata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Blueberry Mint Green SmoothieVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
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