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Fatty fried food Ayurvedic Perspectives

Fatty fried food

Written by John Immel, Asheville, NC
French fries & funnel cakes are a fun way to enjoy the local fair. Eat too much though, and you start to feel queasy. This is a sign you've hit your upper limit on fried foods. Uggh! The hot sun continues to beat down on you as the food churns in your stomach. So, how much fried food can you digest? How much is too much? The answer has to do with your bile.

Bile kick starts the digestion of fat. It is made in the liver and then makes its way into the gallbladder where it is concentrated and stored. Understanding how bile works in the body and assessing your bile production can help you make an informed decision about funnel cakes and fries, and support better fat metabolism.

When your french fries reach the small intestine, stored bile is released and mixed with the fries to break up large fat globs into small droplets for easy digestion (a process called emulsification). Fatty, fried food demands alot of bile production from the liver. If you overdo your fry intake, there might not be enough bile to emulsify the fat and you could end up with a nausea and/or diarrhea. These symptoms don't exactly scream pass the ketchup...

Bile also happens to be an important pathway for cholesterol metabolism which is good because fatty, fried foods increase cholesterol. Stimulating bile flow can help lower cholesterol, which is how some herb formulas like Bitter Ghee work to help those with cholesterol problems. Stimulating bile flow also flushes your gall bladder, preventing it from getting clogged up with stones. In a country where 1/2 million people lose their gallbladders annually and 1/3 of the population has high cholesterol - these facts make bile a hot topic.

Kapha people tend to have thicker bile that gets congested in the gall bladder, which leds to gallstones. Too much fried, fatty foods increases the likelihood of stone formation. When bile is congested you may end up with side effects like headaches, nausea, indigestion, constipation after you eat a meal high in fat. Congested bile also causes poor fat digestion and metabolism.

If you produce too much bile, it will irritate your intestines, give you diarrhea, and also overstimulate your mind. The dosha most closely associated with increased output of bile is Pitta. Pitta people are therefore more prone to bile excess. Your body also tends to produce more bile in hot summer months. So, reducing bile production is key to less irritability when the weather is hot.

Vata tends to be deficient in bile due to dryness. Vata bile is thin.

Whether congested, too much, or too little, healthy bile production is essential to healthy digestion of fried foods, and health in general.

Read the complete article on Healthy Bile Production here.

Aggravated Doshas & Qualities

Imbalance Accumulates

Improper food and lifestyle causes balances to accumulate. Ayurveda shows you exactly which doshas and qualities will accumulate in your body. Once these doshas and qualities accumulate too much, they will begin to cause disease. You can reduce an imbalanced dosha or quality by removing things that aggravate it from your diet and lifestyle.

'Fatty fried food' is likely to aggravate the following doshas and qualities.If you have a systemic imbalance of one of these doshas or qualities, Ayurveda would generally recommend removing, substitute or lessen the frequency of Fatty fried food.

Pitta aggravatingKapha aggravatingDigestive Effects Help

Key: V = Vata, P = Pitta, K = Kapha. A slash through a dosha means it an aggravated dosha. To learn more about the symbols above, click on them.

Correct Imbalance

Food and lifestyle habite with the following effects may reduce imbalances associated with 'Fatty fried food'.
About Pharmacological Effects
The list of actions below have not be approved by the FDA and should not be used to treat a medical condition.

Educational Resources

Browse these educational resources for 'fatty fried food'.
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Specialty Formulas by Joyful Belly

Please review these herbs & products below to determine which ones might be helpful for Fatty fried food.
Liver & Lymph Cleanse Tea
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
A cleansing formula of bitters, blood movers & fat metabolizers to detoxify the liver and lymphatic system as well as flush the gall bladder.

Digestive Bitters
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Digestive bitters are revered in Europe for digestion, rejuvenation, bloating relief, and mental sharpness. Caution! A little goes a long way.

Gallbladder Tonic
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Promotes healthy flow of bile before or after gall bladder surgery. Improves fat digestion.

Ayurvedic Herbs & Natural Products for Fatty fried food

Please review these herbs & products below to determine which ones might be helpful for Fatty fried food.

Bitter Ghee - Tikta Ghrta (9 fl oz)
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
A classic formula for Pitta Kapha disorders, irritability, liver congestion, and gall baldder stagnation.

Neem Leaf
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Neem's pure bitter taste is famous as a blood purifier, for parasites, and to lower blood sugar levels.

Milk Thistle Tincture
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating
Clean your liver with Milk Thistle. If you have a history of liver disorders, or took pharmaceuticals in the past, Milk Thistle will detoxify your liver so that your skin and mind are clear. Relieves symptoms of toxicity like itchy, oily skin and foul s

Aloe Vera Gel
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Skin tonic. Cools and soothes irritated tissues. For dietary, cosmetic and household use.

Gentian Tincture
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
A classic, strong bitter herb to reduce fever, cool a hot liver, and destroy toxicity.

Diet for Fatty fried food

A diet rich in these foods & nutritional supplements may help re-balance the aggravated qualities and doshas in fatty fried food.
Aloe Vera GelVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifyingAloe Vera JuiceVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Apple Cider VinegarVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingBitter MelonVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Burdock Root (Gobo)Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifyingDandelion LeavesVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
EndiveVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifyingGrapefruitVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
KaleVata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifyingLemonVata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Radish (raw)Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifyingRed Wine (Merlot type)Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha aggravating

Related Symptoms & Habits

The following symptoms & habits may be related to 'Fatty fried food' See your quiz results for a computerized assessment of your body type. Please click on the symptoms below to learn more about them.
Fatty deposits/lipomaFeel overweight
High CholesterolBlood thick / Congested lymph
High TriglyceridesGallstones / Attack
Fatty LiverPizza
Fast food more than 2x/week

About the Author

John Immel, the founder of Joyful Belly, teaches people how to have a healthy diet and lifestyle with Ayurveda. His approach to Ayurveda exudes a certain ease, which many find enjoyable and insightful. His online course Balance Your Ayurvedic Diet in a Week provides tools for gracefully healing with Ayurveda to thousands. John also directs Joyful Belly's School of Ayurveda , which specializes in digestive tract pathology & Ayurvedic nutrition. John and his wife Natalie recently published Explore Your Hunger: A Guide to Hunger, Appetite & Food.

John's interest in Ayurveda and digestive tract pathology was inspired by a complex digestive disorder acquired from years of international travel, including his public service work in South Asia. John's commitment to the detailed study of digestive disorders reflects his zeal to get down to the roots of the problem. His hope and belief in the capacity of each & every client to improve their quality of life is nothing short of a personal passion. John's creativity in the kitchen and delight in cooking for others comes from his family oriented upbringing. In addition to his certification in Ayurveda, John holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Harvard University.

John enjoys sharing Ayurveda within the context of his Catholic roots, and finds Ayurveda gives him an opportunity to participate in the healing mission of the Church. Jesus expressed God's love by feeding and healing the sick. That kindness is the fundamental ministry of Ayurveda as well.

Comments & Personal Experiences

What are some of the reasons why you include 'fatty fried food' in your life? Is there something you'd like to know about 'fatty fried food'?

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