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Ayurveda fits diet & lifestyle habits to the unique individual. It shows you how to interpret your habits, imbalances and reactions to foods medicinally. Then it shows you how to take immediate action to improve your health & wellness, using materials from home. To achieve these results, Ayurveda uses a classification system which we've automated on this website. Ayurveda is experiential, focusing on your unique experiences of food and your body. The foundation of Ayurveda is a medicinal theory of habits.

Ayurveda literally means the science of life. Its holistic perspective on health encompasses much more than freedom from disease, but total well-being. Ayurveda looks at the whole person when assessing health, rather than the parts alone. Ayurveda was the primary form of medicine in India for thousands of years and is still relevant, insightful and effective today. Ayurveda sees every individual as unique. Its methods show how to personalize medicine to get the best results possible. It is simple, effective, and easy to use. To start learning how Ayurveda would approach your body uniquely, we recommend finding your body type first.



Here are just some of the reasons why Ayurveda is highly relevant to your health and well-being:
1You can do it from home. Ayurveda shows you how to interpret signs and address symptoms of imbalance on your own. You can use it at home to optimize your health on a continual basis. You can't take the doctor home with you, but you can take Ayurveda home with you. The simplicity of Ayurveda will be there for you every time to you open the fridge, or turn on the stove. Ayruveda doesn't replace the doctor, but it gives you tools for health and wellness between visits to your qualified medical doctor.
2Ayurveda's tools not only prevent and fight disease, they also strengthen your body, even if you have an incurable or difficult condition.
3No other health approach offers such a detailed, individualized model showing the relationship between habits and health, diet & disease. Ayurveda shows you which food, lifestyle habits, and herbs are good for you, uniquely.
4Instead of using an across the board statistical approach, Ayurveda identifies lifestyle and dietary habits that are uniquely matched to your body - and therefore fit your health powerfully like a hand and glove.
5Instead of focusing on the disorder in question only, Ayurveda shows how your symptoms are interrelated to one another. By giving you perspective instead of a piecemeal approach, Ayurveda greatly simplifies your health and wellness plan.
6Ayurveda is the most advanced and easy to use home system for self healing with an exceptional prognosis on digestion, skin care, aging well, reproductive health, and quality of life care.


Ayurveda recommends diet and lifestyle habits, as well as herbs using a highly detailed classification system. This classification system includes your body type, your imbalances (gunas, tastes, elements, etc.), your digestive strength (agni), and toxicity (ama). Using this classification system, Ayurveda can identify diet, lifestyle and herbs that may be beneficial to you.

You don't have to learn this system, you can let our website do the guesswork for you by taking your quizzes. Afterwards, study your results and review them with your doctor or practitioner to determine if your recommendations are right for you.

By eating an optimal diet that balances your gunas and fits with your body type, your whole body is strengthened, quality of life is improved, and you become more resilient to disease as well. The above methods lead to greater body awareness, and understanding of how your diet & lifestyle choices affect your body personally.

On Joyful Belly, we've created a system to help you assess your imbalances from an Ayurvedic point of view, to learn about your imbalances through our extensive articles, and to discover remedies for your imbalances so you can feel better.


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What is Ayurveda?

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