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Natural Biocharacteristics: Clear
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Reported by John Immel, Asheville, NC
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Vata aggravating Pitta pacifying Kapha pacifying

Elements: Ether, Air
Balanced by 'Gooey', 'Heavy', 'Oily'.
Clear refers to anything that cleanses or flushes out wastes, or that digests ama.

Clear food has the ability to either clear the (1) digestive tract, (2) blood and lymphatic system, (3) mind, or (4) mucus or fluid stagnation in any organ. Clear foods reduce fluids. They help metabolize or purge toxic buildup (ama) from tissues. Clear foods reduce muscle and fat tissue (called karshana and lekhana in Ayurveda).

Cleansing, fasting, and an excessively light diet increases clear quality in the body. The remedy for excessive clear quality in the body is a Vata pacifying diet with rich or sweet foods. Inspiration, awe, open mindedness, forgetting one's cultural heritage or homeland, travel, and grief increases Vata type create clear quality in the mind. The remedy for an excess of Vata clear quality in the mind is stability and routine.

Anger, divorce, contempt, criticism, bitterness and overconfidence increase Pitta type clear quality in the mind. Pitta type clear quality is associated with an excess of focus. To relax focus and avoid oversimplifying life, consider how other people would benefit from this focus - including members of your extended family, friends, and colleagues.

Clear foods and herbs help heal wounds. Clear foods generally lack sweet, sticky, gooey, or oily qualities. Instead, they are bitter, sharp, warm, drying, and light. Turmeric clears the blood because it dilates blood vessels, improving circulation. Dandelion clears the blood because bitters help metabolise cholesterol, fats, and sugars. Dandelion leaves are also a diuretic, flushing water stagnation. Aloe vera clears the digestive tract because it is a slight laxative. Mint, like many aromatic herbs, refreshes and clears the mind and respiratory tract. Lemon clears the liver and gall bladder by draining excess bile. Black pepper clears tissues by irritating them. Heat clears by purging the sweat glands.

Kapha needs clear quality the most. Vata craves clear quality too much, to the point of creating deficiency. The body naturally cleanses during the spring. Spring is also the season where the body needs the most help with cleansing and detoxification.

Examples: Salt, Neem, Haritaki, Weight Away


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