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How To Balance Pitta Dosha: Lifestyle Tips & Strategies

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Is Pitta your dosha?

Pitta people have a high metabolism characterized by heat and sharpness. Intelligent and effective problem solvers, they are goal-oriented individuals who succeed in their pursuits.

But they can also be intense, critical, and forceful. When faced with an obstacle they may quickly become irritable, angry, or frustrated.

They often direct criticism at themselves and those closest to them, which can disrupt relationships.

And as their pride is easily wounded, they may push themselves beyond their limits.

Fortunately, Ayurveda offers easy lifestyle practices for Pittas.

And adopting them allows unbalanced Pitta folks to regain a relaxed and productive life.

Pitta Out of Balance

Pitta individuals are known for their limitless endurance and sharp qualities that aid in hyperfocus.

They love to take control of situations and engineer their own solutions - at great personal investment of energy and time.

While they may appear perfect on the outside, maintaining this image requires a great deal of hypervigilance.

Pitta people constantly monitor themselves for signs of imperfection.

Unfortunately, this hypervigilance quickly burns up their biological resources, especially their adrenals and nervous system.

How to Balance Pitta Dosha

Ayurveda offers many helpful suggestions for Pittas and those imbalanced in Pitta.
  1. One is to give themselves space and time for creative solutions. Their failure to do this comes at great cost, as they often get so focused they miss the bigger picture.

    While they love to burn the midnight oil, they must avoid this temptation. Retiring to bed by 10 pm (with lights out) will have a greater payoff.

    When they learn to relax, restore, and pace their intense ambitions for the long haul, Pitta folks can achieve even greater productivity.

  2. Pitta is nourished by sweetness, affection, and nurturing.

    They should cultivate sweetness for others from within by giving sweet gifts to others and even themselves.

    Instead of taking control, they should allow grace the time and space to operate in important relationships, activities, and life in general.

    And with that will come relaxation, calm, and the ability to trust that time will lead to the answers.

  3. Contemplative practices are especially attractive to the Pitta mind.

    They will also benefit from turning their attention to leisure and other less mental activities.

  4. Pitta needs to take time to breathe. Getting outside for fresh air or making time and space for idle pursuits is essential.

    The natural world is a source of the effortless peace that Pitta needs and craves.

  5. When faced with obstacles, Pittas will benefit from treating themselves to relaxing, soothing activities like a professional massage.

    In massage they can finally let go and allow their creative non-linear side to provide the answers.

  6. And, cultivating patience and humility will help them overcome their tendency to anger and frustration.

    It will also open their minds to learning new approaches from others who are radically different from themselves.

  7. Adopting a Pitta balancing diet will help support these lifestyle practices and maintain Pitta folks at their best.
Finally, to bring themselves into balance, Pitta people must let go of:
  • Bullying their bodies.
  • Working when tired
  • Running or exercising when strained
  • Thinking or fighting when their minds need rest.
  • Pitta should especially avoid arguments after 10pm. Instead, kiss and make up and continue the discussion the next day.

If you don't know your body type yet, take the quizzes on Joyful Belly.

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