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Ayurveda utilizes a metabolic classification system based on
Natural Law Theory
A theory that things have a true nature or form that they realize imperfectly. For example, an imperfectly drawn triangle has a true nature to be a perfect triangle.

Imperfections of the human form arise from genetics, poor lifestyle and diet choices, or environment. The imperfections themselves have a nature which corrupts the human nature. Ayurved classifies these imperfections into various biocharacteristics or gunas.

Natural Law Theory is a basic view of reality first described by Aristotle and later developed in the Middle Ages. It differences from the modern mechanistic view of reality, which claims that things do not have a nature beyond the sum of their parts.

(also known as Aristotelian Realism) to match food, herbs, and lifestyle choices to specific individuals and imbalances for effective treatment options and alternative approaches. In Ayurveda, this system is called Dravya Guna Shastra. This system suggests that different foods have different characteristics, and consuming the right foods can help to balance the metabolic characteristics (i.e. three doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) of the body. Dravya-Guna-Shastra forms the foundation of Ayurveda's pharmacology. The system of Dravya-Guna-Shastra is biocharacteristics based, sharing many features with Unani Tibb and Greek Medicine.

On Joyful Belly, we've integrated this system into the core of the website, to provide tools for modern clinicians. Please click on category below to see how remedies are classified under this system. See all categories

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