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Ayurveda Clinic: 5 Consultation Savings Package
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Get 5 consultations at a 50% discount. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts! Retail Value: $900.
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You will receive an email within fifteen minutes (9-5pm only) with instructions for scheduling your appointment.
Take advantage of this offer while it lasts! Retail Value: $600.


  • 5 consultations with John Immel
  • Get a free copy of your chart
  • 10% discount on classes

Multiple sessions provides accountability to keep you on track and ensure your success. We'll hold your hand every step of the way and make it easy and eventually automatic to do the behaviors that support your health. Best of all, each session includes a 25% discount from the price of a single session.

After you make your purchase, we'll contact you to schedule your phone or in-person sessions. Please do not hesitate to call 828-252-0222 if you have any questions. The above purchase covers five appointments. If you are not completely satisfied after the first appointment, you may cancel for a full refund of your remaining unused portion within 5 days of your first appointment. You may not receive a refund after your second or later appointments.

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Product Reviews for Ayurveda Clinic: 5 Consultation Savings Package

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Thank You! I wish I could have you in my back pocket for life! lol I hope I can do this soon. Enjoy the week-end! elyse

- sillym, San jose, CA, 07-12-13 (Reply)
Could you tell me more what the 5 week consult package entails? Is this something that could be paid on a monthly basis? Thank you.

- Jane, Gloucester, MA, 10-02-14 (Reply)
I would like to sign up for the five consultation package, but I do not want to lose weight. I want to relearn how to eat in a way that is optimal for me and can restore me to balance and a sense of well being. How would this work? I live in Boston. Thank you.

- Jane, Gloucester, MA, 10-02-14 (Reply)
Jane, thank you for writing. We could split the payment into two monthly payments of $155, which includes a small $5 financing charge. Would that work for you?

Jane, you are welcome to tell us what plan works for you, and address whatever concerns are most important to you. Generally, we meet with clients on a weekly basis, but can also stretch it out to whatever schedule works for you.

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