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Eat Well for Life with Ayurveda - Balance Your Doshas eCourse

8 listen-at-home presentations to individually balance your diet based on your specific body type - Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.

A balanced diet means more than just portion sizes and ratios. It means eating the right foods for your specific body type to optimize your digestion. A true balanced diet helps you to feel your best inside and out and brings health and wisdom to your life. This online course makes it easy.


Included in the course is a 7-day plan to balance your dosha. For a limited time only, you can get the first 3-days of the plan for FREE! Just by following the guidelines in the plan, you'll gain new insights into your constitutional strengths and weaknesses and discover the root cause of your imbalances and how to balance to them. After you complete the first 3 days, buy the Balance Your Diet in a Week eCourse for the final 4 days and 8 listen-at-home presentations.

Have you tried fad diets and other approaches to health that have let you down? Do you feel confused about what advice to follow? Perhaps overwhelmed with the changes you're being told to make?

We've all been there. You've tried diets and lifestyle changes, but nothing truly works, because it's one size fits all. Health is never optimal until it's personal and uniquely fit to the individual. You've tried all the generic ideas. Now try something that will fit you like a glove. This fundamentals program teaches you to eat right for you and make healthy life decisions based on your body type. In this course, you'll learn the body-type specific techniques and methods to:

  • Prevent disease and maintain optimal vitality
  • Quickly recover from stressful events and health challenges
  • Make smart diet and lifestyle choices to support your body and mind
  • Put your best foot forward, knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a person
  • Become a role model of health and wellness
In a complex world, there's something very simple and uniquely personal about Ayurveda's approach to healing.
You might be wondering - What's different about this approach? Why does it work when so many others don't?

The answer is Ayurveda. With Ayurveda, the decisions you make in your life are based on your constitution, so they fit your body like pieces of a puzzle. Ayurveda looks at your body and mind as a whole,giving you a tailored and integrated approach that supports you, your mind, and your body. The result is consistent, smart choices for your health and future.

When health challenges plague your day to day living, it's easy to lose sight of what to do next. By studying your body type, Ayurveda empowers you to make life decision with grace and ease. As a result, you naturally choose what's best for you and self-care becomes a part of how you live, rather than something that's separate from your job or family. This course presents you all the details about your body type, and a diet and lifestyle that fits it exactly. Don't know your body type? No problem. Take the free quiz here!

Ayurveda shows you how your body type naturally relates to food, disease, and the environment. This allows you to adopt healthy habits and a simple, yet life-changing routine. Through this eCourse, Ayurvedic health and wellness will become a natural part of your everyday life. You'll enjoy your new Ayurvedic freedom from strict diets, expensive supplements, and demanding self care routines.

From career to relationships choices, knowledge of your body type shows you how to put your best foot forward every time.
This eCourse will give you the ability to navigate uncertainty in your diet and lifestyle, providing you with specific techniques to keep yourself balanced, prevent disease, and maintain optimal health and vibrancy.

You'll learn the strengths and weaknesses of your body type healthwise and psychologically. We aim to take a complex topic and explain it clearly and effectively. Home users and Ayurvedic enthusiasts alike will love this combination of simplicity and depth. The 8 presentations and exercises include practical advice so that you'll have:

  • Deeper understanding and insight into your unique body type
  • Comprehensive diet & lifestyle remedies for your body type
  • Specific signs to look for when assessing imbalances
  • Health benefits and weakness of your body type
  • Psychological strengths and pitfalls of your type
  • Specific situations that are likely to provoke your type
  • Knowledge of 5 different subtypes in your dosha
  • Main herbs used to keep your dosha balanced
Listen where you want, when you want, & completely at your own pace.
What's included in the program?

In this eCourse, you study each of the items below at your own pace, at home. Listen to each presentation as many times as you like. Cook all the recipes, or only the ones that appeal to you. The package contains all 3 body type presentations - Listen to one or all gracefully heal your mind and body.

  1. 8 audio presentations on your choice of Vata, Pitta, or Kapha body types.
  2. 56 recipes formulated specifically for your body type
  3. Practical home exercises to go with each lecture
  4. 7-day plan to balance your dosha
The Eat Well for Life with Ayurveda - Balance Your Doshas eCourse is delivered electronically. That means no waiting for a shipment to arrive in the mail. Once you've registered, simply follow the instructions to log on, select the Vata, Pitta, or Kapha version, and we'll get you started right away! This course comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction, so you have nothing to lose! There's a caveat though - to claim your refund, you must complete and email us the first two weekly exercises within 14 days of your purchase. We're confident that if you complete these exercises, you'll recognize the value of the course.

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