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Cleaning the Colon: Safe Enema at Home (Audio Presentation)
Discover how to self-heal using enemas

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How Does This Ayurvedic Herb Supplement Improve Wellness?


Enemas were the first line of treatment for many disorders for thousands of years, both in Ayurveda and western medicine. Useful for both cleansing and nurturing, an enema restores calm and function of all bodily organs by eliminating toxins, thus purifying the blood. Enemas were common in western medicine until the 1950s. Following a few simple guidelines given by your practitioner, home enemas can be highly effective, safe, and easy. This lecture covers safe cleansing enema procedure at home, including:

  • Enema types, formulas, & oils, including coffee enemas
  • Frequency and amount of enema
  • The best options for body posture when giving yourself an enema
  • Other colon cleansing techniques, including colonics, hydrotherapy and irrigation.
  • The best enema supplies to buy, including enema bags, tubes, & nozzle

There are many, many types of enemas in Ayurveda. The two main types are oil and decoction enemas. Oil enemas are used for nourishing and decoction enemas are used for cleansing. Some Ayurvedic clinicians base their entire clinical practice on enema therapy.

Enemas are particularly helpful for intestinal and nervous system disorders. They cleanse Vata from the body, colon and cecum , while soothing the nervous system. They also encourage the smooth and easy downward flow of fecal matter out of the lower small intestine, can kill parasites, and nourish bodily fluids and electrolytes.

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What is it? This is a recording from Joyful Belly's library.

How it Works Once you place your order, you will see instructions on how to access this presentation. Presentations are generally 45-90min long.

In the Presentation Presentations are easy to understand for the layperson but comprehensive for health practitioners. By the end of the presentation, you will learn one or more of the following skills

  • A simple, easy to understand, basic introduction to the class topic.
  • A comparison of Ayurvedic & western strategies on the disorder.
  • Information on related symptoms and causes from an Ayurvedic perspective.
  • Food, nutrition, diet, herbs & lifestyle therapies for prevention and restoration of balance.
  • Natural home remedies, tips, tricks and advice to improve your health and wellness.
  • A thorough guide to help you discover and learn your path to self healing.


Cleaning the Colon: Safe Enema at Home may be beneficial for these symptoms. The suitability of any herb supplement for a condition is highly dependent on the individual. Please see your doctor before using this herb supplement to treat a medical condition.


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