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Good Riddance to Gas & Bloating: Remedies to Restore a Cheerful Gut
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A solution to your gas & bloating problems is one of the most important steps you can take to restore your health & vitality.

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Ayurveda Lifestyle Good Riddance to Gas & Bloating: Remedies to Restore a Cheerful Gut
Got a gassy gut? Frequent farting and flatulence isn't just embarrassing, it's also unhealthy. Prompt action is necessary. Passing gas is an important warning sign your body has weak digestion, metabolism, and compromised immunity. A solution to your gas problems is one of the most important steps you can take to restore your health & vitality. Although it may seem like everything you eat creates gas, or like your belly blows up like a balloon for unexplained reasons, reducing abdominal gas has been the cornerstone of health in Ayurveda for 5,000 years. Ayurveda offers a comprehensive perspective on steps you can take to restore happiness and cheerfulness to your tummy.

Do you suffer from any of these conditions?

This lecture applies to you.
  • Chronic gassiness?
  • Bloated stomach or abdomen?
  • Lower abdominal pain after eating?
  • Distension, fatigue, or anxiety as a result of gas?
  • Gas during or before menstruation?


  • How and why gas forms in your tummy.
  • What foods cause abdominal gas & bloating? What foods relieve it?
  • The significance gas & bloating to your health and wellness
  • Food, diet, exercise, herbs that can help you prevent gas problems naturally.
  • Home remedies to reduce trapped air and bloating when it occurs


What is it? This downloadable audio recording is a recording from Joyful Belly's library on digestive health and wellness, given by John Immel, founder of Joyful Belly.

How it Works Once you place your order, you will receive instructions on how to download and listen to this lecture. Presentations include a 45 min lecture followed by Q&A to give you an in depth Ayurvedic perspective on specific disorders.

In the Presentation Presentations are easy to understand for the layperson but comprehensive for health practitioners. By the end of the presentation, you will learn the following skills

  • A simple, easy to understand, basic introduction to the class topic.
  • A comparison of Ayurvedic & western strategies on the disorder.
  • Information on related symptoms and causes from an Ayurvedic perspective.
  • Food, nutrition, diet, herbs & lifestyle therapies for prevention and restoration of balance.
  • Natural home remedies, tips, tricks and advice to improve your health and wellness.
  • A thorough guide to help you discover and learn your path to self healing.

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(5.00 out of 5 stars) 1 review

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Dear Sue - Unfortunately our audios do not have captions.

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