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My Personal Ayurvedic Recipe Book
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Move from confusion to confidence in your food choices. Cooking tasty food will be a breeze with Your 'Personal' Recipe Book, individually formulated for your unique body type. You'll shine with these healthy, vital, easy to prepare dishes.

(4.33 out of 5 stars) 3 reviews

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Ayurveda Lifestyle My Personal Ayurvedic Recipe Book

Exhausted by the thought of meal planning?

Imagine a book full of recipes tailored just for you! Cooking tasty food will be a breeze with Your 'Personal' Recipe Book, individually formulated for your unique body type. You'll shine with these healthy, vital, easy to prepare dishes. Step into a new & smarter you for only $19.99!

We use technology to zero in on and present you with a e-book of recipes for you, only. Your book will show you which recipes and ingredients will restore balance and health to your unique body, so you move from confusion to confidence in your food choices.

Our technology selects recipes and ingredients that match your diet plan. With a click of a button, you'll get a personalized recipe book just for you. This e-book saves you time and energy guessing which recipes fit your Ayurvedic diet plan. You can use it to begin implementing changes and improving your health right away.

Don't know how to cook? These recipes are easy to follow, with surprising flavor combinations that will have your friends admiring your new creativity in the kitchen, not to mention your healthy glow. Just imagine the fun you'll be having cooking with this book.


  • unique yummy recipes to help you heal & feel better right away
  • easy to follow, simple cooking techniques
  • creative ideas with exciting flavor
  • body awareness and Ayurvedic wisdom to know how food affects your body
  • a better relationship with food overall

How It Works

  1. First, purchase the recipe book
  2. Second, we'll email you links to the online surveys used to create your book.
  3. Finally, we'll create your recipe book based on your responses and email it to you.

In the Recipe e-Book

  • A personal diet plan & nutritional guide optimal for your comfort & well-being.
  • Yummy, tasty, healthy recipes from the Joyful Belly website that fit your Ayurvedic diet
  • Your personal grocery list and spice cabinet so you won't need to think about shopping.
  • Options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages
  • Inspiring ayurvedic viewpoints included with each ingredient & recipe
"I have tried several things over the years - supplements, macrobiotics, etc. and am pleased to report that this is the first system that truly makes sense. People I haven't seen in 6 months are amazed at how my appearance has changed physically and energetically...I feel like I have come home again!"


Print Version - My Personal Recipe Book, Kapha Self Healing Kit - Invigorate & Cleanse, Vata Self Healing Kit - Calm & Nourished, Pitta Self-Healing Kit: Restore Beauty & Grace

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Product Reviews for My Personal Ayurvedic Recipe Book

(4.33 out of 5 stars) 3 reviews

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Didn't read the small print that this was an e-book.

- Lisa Westerfield, Robbinsville, NJ, 01-30-13 (Reply)
Dear Linda, Thanks for clarifying! Yes, it is an eBook. Warm Regards, -John

Hello John, I have a question about the Recipe Book. About a year ago, a certified ayurvedic practitioner determined my dosha as pitta-vata. Do you have a recipe dook for that specific dosha and would I be able to receive it without needing first to be assessed to determine my dosha, since I already know it? Thanks a lot, Anne

- Anne, Beaverton, OR, 05-09-13 (Reply)
Yes. You can actually specify which doshas you want in your recipe book.

- Michele, San francisco, CA, 06-17-15 (Reply)

- Ebony, St paul, 11-11-15 (Reply)
I was so pleased with this generous and comprehensive 650 page eBook that covers every aspect of Ayurveda and diet. I learned you can create a recipe book by choosing from a menu of choices (for instance, if you're feeling heavy and lethargic, you can create a book that excludes heavy-quality foods). Or, you can take a quiz and have the computer design a recipe book based on your constitution as determined by the quiz. I highly recommend this book; it was worth the cost and more.

- Margaret Tlustos, Beaverton, 08-31-17 (Reply)
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