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Personal Diet Assessment & Recipe Book
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Receive a personal diet assessment online by a Joyful Belly practitioner, and a personal recipe book of yummy treats matching your unique diet. By John Immel

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You will receive an email within fifteen minutes (9-5pm only) with instructions for scheduling your appointment.
Ayurveda Lifestyle Personal Diet Assessment & Recipe Book
Having trouble figuring out your diet?

Ayurveda can take a bit of time to figure out. We're here to help. Your Joyful Belly practitioner is trained and ready to make it easier for you. We'll figure out your Ayurvedic diet for you, so that you'll know what foods to eat for balance and vitality.

In the Diet

Your diet comes filled with yummy treats from the Joyful Belly website that match your Ayurvedic body type. Your diet will include options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and desserts! It includes your personal grocery list and an easy to use food chart so you won't need to think about shopping. Your diet also includes inspiring ayurvedic viewpoints with each ingredient & recipe. It's a personal diet plan & nutritional guide optimal for your comfort & well-being.

How It Works

  1. First, you purchase this assessment
  2. Second, we'll send you some forms to fill out
  3. Next, we'll analyze the forms and information you've given us.
  4. Finally, we'll create your diet and email it to you.


  • unique yummy recipes to help you heal & feel better right away
  • grocery list and spice cabinet
  • easy to follow, simple cooking instructions
  • quick recipes for people on the go
  • it makes Ayurveda easy
  • how to be creative in the kitchen
  • body awareness of how food affects your body
  • a better relationship with food overall
"I have tried several things over the years - supplements, macrobiotics, etc. and am pleased to report that this is the first system that truly makes sense. People I haven't seen in 6 months are amazed at how my appearance has changed physically and energetically...I feel like I have come home again!"

Product Reviews for Personal Diet Assessment & Recipe Book

(5.00 out of 5 stars) 1 review

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Can I print out my e books?

- Ellyn, Baltimore, MD, 01-15-13 (Reply)
Yes, you can print out the eBooks. Thanks for asking!

Found this time consuming but very thorough and the results were very useful.

- Becky, 02-19-14 (Reply)
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