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"Regarding my feedback thus far, this course has overall exceeded my expectations. The level of detail covered on the topics and the range of backgrounds and experience across the instructors is very balanced and definitely contributes to the effectiveness of the material being covered. I enjoy all of the lectures so much, as well as the assigned reading material. "

Yoga Instructor - Mont kiara, KUALA LUMPUR

"So i just watched John's business class and am feeling really so much clearer on my business plan."


"Anyway, all of this to say that I had big dreams at the outset of this program that still hold true. I cannot fathom the brain power and team power to get this quality of program up and running so successfully. I thank you all for everything that you do- I am inspired."

Yoga Instructor - Philadelphia, PA

"I just wanted to share gratitude with you all and with our teachers at Joyful Belly. I'm so grateful for the deepened awareness of self and of nature that tuning into my body and my consciousness through Ayurveda. Thank you all for investing in yourselves and helping shine a little more wonder into your body, your heart & your communities "

Other Health / Wellness Professional - Puerto vallarta, NC

"I approached the Joyful Belly Ayurveda Health Counselor Course because I wanted a solid curriculm and foundation in natural holistic medicine. Joyfulbelly has helped me reach this goal. I use this ancient knowledge not only for myself but for others."

Amherst, NY

"The course is going great! All of the information is so interesting and projected in a great way. My close friends and family have been loving to learn through me. They're always curious to know what I am learning about that day. It makes me really happy to spread this knowledge & help people become the balanced and healthy versions of themselves!"

Marstons mills, MA

"I've had some realizations during these past few consultations about how transforming this program has been for me. My gratitude is eternal and I thank not only Joyful Belly, but all of YOU who made this experience such a personal one without ever having met you."

Portland, ME

"I really love the sample case-studies thath help us practice giving recommendations and getting direct feedback about them. "

Yoga Instructor - Norristown, PA

"I appreciate you and the team at Joyful Belly more than I can even express. I look forward to one day being able to share my story with everyone so that I can be a shining example of how Ayurveda and, more specifically, Joyful Belly has had an enormous, beneficial impact in my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

Pleasant prairie, AL

"I have been "self-studying" ayurveda for about 7 years now, and my very first introduction to it (I had never heard of it before!) was when my yoga teacher told me to "go to" Since then I have been reading as much as I can, subscribe to your mailing list, and browse through the many recipes. I would like to now go a step further in my journey, and begin to help OTHERS find wellness through ayurveda. The Joyful Belly site has been so helpful in my own journey, that I am interested in furthering my education through the school."

Boscobel, IL

"Just wanted to post a huge thank you to John Joseph Immel for his fantastic lecture on subtle quality. It was personally so illuminating for me, and shined so many lights onto all my lurking, barely visible, subtle parts. There were sooo many nuggets of wisdom and so much material to pause and reflect on. I could not believe how in depth it was, and I loved all the philosophies and topics you pursued in this lecture with subtle quality at the helm. Not to sound too overly dramatic, but I would consider this to be a very life-changing, life-uplifting, life-altering lecture, and I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into the presentation to make it so. Definitely finished the lecture with a renewed sense of hope, and also a feeling of profound gratefulness to be apart of such a wonderful course. Thank you!!!"

Other Health / Wellness Professional - Lakeville , PA

"Since starting this course I have significantly changed my eating habits and choice of foods."

Yoga Studio Owner - Saint cloud, FL

"I have found that taking this course has helped me to become very in-tune with my body."

Other Health / Wellness Professional - Apache junction, AZ

"Thank you! All! I feel that the wealth of knowledge I have seen here is huge and feel that this is more of a beginning than a parting. I feel that this is a forum and platform for collaboration and much more shared knowledge."

Ayurvedic Healer - South miami, FL

""Each time you dip a white cloth in dye, it becomes more saturated with the color of the dye." I've been letting that soak in. Joyful Belly Ayurveda has been a potent brew - I will certainly be digesting all that has been offered here for some time to come, and unpacking the theory in real time with clinical experience. There's a lot of sick people out there. Are y'all ready to get to work? What's on the horizon for you all?"

Stockton, CA

"Oh wow, so many things about this course inspire me, and my family! Just simply the privilege of acquiring such deep knowledge of this science is a huge inspiration. I am certainly inspired to continue the journey beyond AHC as well. This has been a terrific start. I'm enjoying all of it. I just need to balance my Pitta (and Vata) sometimes because I love reading all things Ayurveda and listening to podcasts too (daily), on top of the course materials! I would really love to go for a PhD. "

Yoga Instructor - Mont kiara, KUALA LUMPUR

"I just want you all to know how grateful I am for this opportunity. My life has improved tenfold over the last year and this program has been a huge part of that. I am so grateful for ALL of this information and how much time and detail are put into the lectures, the quizzes, the grading/feedback."

Pleasant prairie, AL
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