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"I approached the Joyful Belly Ayurveda Health Counselor Course because I wanted a solid curriculm and foundation in natural holistic medicine. Joyfulbelly has helped me reach this goal. I use this ancient knowledge not only for myself but for others."

Amherst, NY

"Thank you so much for offering the Kapha presentation this evening. I have recently completed my education in Ayurvedic Nutrition and found your website in looking for resource material. The information was presented very well. Ayurveda, though fascinating, can be daunting. What you offered was so easy to absorb and follow and shows how much you understand of Kapha."

Other Health / Wellness Professional - Niskayuna, NY

"Thank you for such a prompt service. Can't wait to try your teas!"

Yoga Instructor - New york, NY

"One of the best things about the course is knowing that the Joyfulbelly team cares and is more than accommodating to your personal schedule. I found the experience deeply enriching and it has inspired me to go further on this holistic path. I would recommend the Joyful Belly Ayurveda Health Counselor Course to anyone looking to further their education in the ambition to help people transform their health naturally and effectively."

Amherst, NY

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